I don’t know what possessed me to play this game, but I did and instantly regretted it. Basically, it is a game about a toddler who appears to crawl through a dark house and you have to collect teddy bears. When I started playing it I had no idea what to expect. I just thought it would be a boring game that wasn’t great quality and it wouldn’t affect me at all. I…was….wrong. The sound is so scary and makes you feel so uncomfortable and on edge. There are mainly jump scares, but it also plays on your mind and makes you think something is going to happen and then nothing does. If you have ever played ‘Slenderman’ you have to play this game. Though this game is worse. You don’t get a torch and you can’t die. You have to continue playing through the game, trying to complete it as soon as possible. There is a constant feeling that the thing that is scaring you, its never made clear what it is. Or maybe it is? I can’t comment because I didn’t finish it. I wanted to, but there was a jump scare and I nearly smashed my computer screen closing it very quickly. It wasn’t even a scary part of the game, there was just so much build up to that point that I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

I was going to do a playthrough of it for YouTube, but at that time I had not set up my account fully, and I didn’t want to start with a game. I will definitely do a playthrough at some point, however, but not any time soon I don’t think. Its such a scary game and it is most definitely not for the light hearted. A proper horror game that is about a baby. It isn’t well known enough and I don’t like that. This game should be up there with ‘Slenderman’ and ‘Amnesia’ and hopefully someone will raise the awareness of it. Maybe a famous youtuber will do a playthrough of it, or maybe my video will get a billion views. The second one is less likely, but all the same, this game should be more recognised as one of the scariest games around right now.

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